R&D center

Since BPink establishment, we have prided ourselves with being the most innovative firm in the industry. We are able to consistently surpass this goal by surrounding our researchers with the top-of-the-line laboratory and equipment.
Subsequently, we are able to set the standard in the printer/ink-related market. By recruiting knowledgeable researchers, who survey the market demand on solvent-based, water-based, oil-based, and UV-curable products, we further our innovative capabilities.
The research laboratory of the company features the following:
1.Advance Instruments: We equip ourselves with the best analytical instruments.
 They can quantitatively identify product properties, allowing us to achieve qualit
2.Versatile material: We hold a wide-array of materials in storage for research,
 expediting the development of new products in the market.
3.High standard of environmental protection: Our company's top priority is to explore
 all research possibilities without compromising the health of our environment.


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